Application that conveniently captures proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery Solution

The Syncwise Proof of Delivery Solution provide carriers with an easy-to-use mobile application that conveniently captures proof of delivery and eliminates paperwork, reduces errors and increases productivity among your workforce by tracking all deliveries in real-time.

The Syncwise Proof of Delivery solution on Android-enabled handheld computers & smart phones allows you to extend existing order management systems to create, track and validate deliveries. The solution provides an electronic POD that is emailed directly to the receiving party with access to all the data your team needs.

As a result, your business stays secure and drivers have an easy tool to ensure the client checks off on everything — including the ability to adjust quantities as needed. Our system captures a wide range of information, including:

● Electronic Proof-of-Delivery with Signature & Photo Capture

● Email Proof-of-Delivery

● Real-Time Notifications of Expected Delivery Time

● Carrier Performance Tracking and Delay Alerts

● Geo-fencing and Geo-tagging

● Price book information

● Custom notes on orders

● GPS location tracking

● Time and date stamps

Key Benefits

  • Reduce supply chain costs: by increasing the efficiency of the delivery process
  • Reduce errors and delays: Automation ensures that there is no more lost proof of delivery documents or delays in getting a copy of the signed documents
  • Cash flow: Shorten the delivery to cash conversion cycle
  • Eliminate paper: By automating the delivery process you eliminate the need to track, trace and store printed delivery documents
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