Digital-Ready Wireless Networking Solutions"

Get high-performance anytime

Are you ready to mobilize your workforce? Unlock the Full Value of Your Wireless solutions.

Give your workers high-performance anytime access to the information they need to act as efficiently as possible with our unrivaled WLAN solutions. Our flexible portfolio lets you build a wireless network that meets the needs of your users, your business and your budget, regardless of whether you have a single small retail store or a global corporation with sites of all sizes all over the world. You get features and functionality that set the bar for WLAN infrastructure, delivering a truly wireless enterprise.

Syncwise helps in the deployment of Wireless Networks that can give you the seamless indoor and outdoor coverage you need to extend your network to literally every inch of your facility — inside your four walls, out in the yard, between buildings and in the expansive outdoor areas common in oil and gas, education and other industries.

Get the less complex and less expensive Wireless LAN that Gives YOU More. When you choose Syncwise to design your wireless network, you get a network that are more intelligent, more reliable, more secure and more manageable, with a reduction in infrastructure requirements and operational costs. You simply have less equipment to purchase and less equipment to manage.


Syncwise offers network powered application analytics and optimization solution that captures and analyzes context-based application information to deliver business insights on applications, users, locations and devices.

● Provides actionable business insights from your network for data-driven decisions.

● Gives you granular visibility into network and application performance, users, locations and devices to align the network to business goals.

● Save operational costs, solve issues fast and deliver a superior quality of end user experience with real-time data in one easy-to-read dashboard.

● Speeds up troubleshooting by separating network from application performance so you can quickly identify root-causes.

● Makes your network safer as it monitors shadow IT, identifies and reports malicious or unwanted applications, and monitors security compliance.


BYOD help ensure secure network access for employees, guests, and partners, even when they are using personal devices at work. In supporting the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend, securing network access is paramount

Define and enforce who gets on the network, with what, to go where

Set the policies you need

Integrate other vendors’ equipment, so you can add it to your network with confidence

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