Best-in-class Merchandising & Product Assortment

Ensures retailers never run low
on best-selling products

The Syncwise Mobile Merchandising Software enables merchandisers to easily capture information about new product introductions, customer satisfaction, competition, point of sale advertising, and visit reports via structured, configurable mobile forms and surveys. It helps Merchandisers to quickly take stock of merchandise, make recommendations for replenishment, optimize shelf space, and ensure retailers never run low on best-selling products.

With the capability to Snap pictures of product displays and tag by them by account and geo-location, to enable operations managers that ability to monitor a location’s compliance with shelf display planograms and contractual terms.

It equips the reps to go beyond traditional merchandising activities: quickly and easily take orders at the store, collect outstanding debts, upsell and cross-sell, and capture electronic proof of all sales transactions performed.

Key Benefits

  • Competitor Insights
  • Must Stock List availability (Primary & Gold Location)
  • SKU Distribution
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Price Phishing (Own SKU and Competitor SKU)
  • Check SKU Shelf Life
  • Retail and Sales Audit
  • Surveys
  • Point-Of-Sales Material Check Availability

Benefits of a Merchandising System

Optimising Shelf Space

In-Store Data Collection

Taking Surveys

Planogram Adherence

Retailer Compliance

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