Maximizing your Fleet’s Performance

Increase your employees’ productivity,
precision and accuracy.

Distribution companies with fleets may incorporate route planning software into their fleet management systems to optimize route efficiency and boost profits. The goal is to do more work with fewer resources using lesser distances.

An efficient route planning & Optimization solution for companies that move or deliver goods and services will often include GPS tracking capability and advanced reporting features which enable dispatchers to prevent unplanned stops, reduce mileage and plan more fuel-efficient routes.

Syncwise represents WorkWave a leading cloud based Route Optimization system provider for the Middle East region.

WorkWave Route Manager is a User-friendly route planning solution that is as powerful as an enterprise solution and as easy to use as a whiteboard. WorkWave Route Manager makes it possible to build optimal plans that honour all of your constraints while managing your mobile workforce effectively with features like GPS integration, proofs of delivery, and compared vs. actual reports. What used to take you hours to complete now takes minutes, allowing you to increase productivity and focus on the big picture. WorkWave Route Manager has been nominated among the Top 10 Route Optimization Solutions globally by Gartner.

Its proprietary technology will minimize costs that matter by avoiding idling, reducing drive time or cutting down on mileage. The Client can fill the vehicles to maximum capacity and pack its drivers’ schedules from check-in to check-out.

WorkWave Route Manager’s easy-to-use web application and mobile app can handle all of the delivery and scheduling problems while helping gain a competitive advantage.

Smarter, More Dependable Routing & Tracking

Benefits of WorkWave’s Route Manager

Optimize up to 2,000 stops in
3-5 minutes

Reduce mileage by ~36% and fuel consumption by 10-15%

20% more stops done in the
same 8 hours

Increase your operations efficiency
by 30% from day 1

productivity by 30%

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